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How Plankton is Grown

How Plankton is GrownHow Plankton is GrownHow Plankton is GrownIt Starts with the Water – "REAL OCEAN WATER"

No other marine phytoplankton growing facility uses REAL ocean water that is sterilized, purified, and regularly tested for chemical pollutants. Starting with close to a 100 foot Well off the beautiful Atlantic European coastline is the first line of purification. Here, the ocean water is filtered through Earth’s natural sandy soil far below the ocean surface where contaminants are less likely to be found. The water is then sterilized using ozone and UV lighting, and again filtered through an advanced filtering system while constantly monitored and tested for purity. After this process, pure clean ocean water is now ready to enter the growing facility. Only with REAL purified ocean water can you attain the best marine phytoplankton. Using mineral rich ocean water is one major secret to producing plankton superior in phyto-nutrients. back to top


How Plankton is GrownHow Plankton is GrownHow Plankton is Grown

With over 5,000 known specie—each representing as many as 30 unique strains--totaling over 40,000 unique types, the task starts with identifying the best strains for human nutrition. These strains then must be isolated out to just “one strain”, which are microscopic in size, (even smaller than a red blood cell). That single cell strain then must be grown by itself in a small test tubes, until it multiplies into billions (and even trillions) of small marine phytoplankton plants. This is quite remarkable when you consider the nutritional pack nutrients each plankton cell contains. Remember, "phyto" means="plant", and "plankton" means= "wanderer" or "drifter", and these trillions of microscopic plants need to float as they begin to multiply. Everything in the facility must be kept completely clean and sterile to ISO 22000 & FSSC standards to avoid contamination and/or growth of other microscopic algae growing in with the plankton. These "standards" are another reason why we're #1 in the industry! back to top


How Plankton is GrownHow Plankton is GrownPlankton Grown Using Reactor Technology

The next stage is to move the multiplying isolated plankton strain into a large reactor growing facility. Using reactor technology in an enclosed system, which is a pharmaceutical-grade sterile environment, the marine phytoplankton can now flourish as it travels through miles of food grade tubing. Here, it grows under natural sunlight, yet protected from all outside environment and pollutants. The water seen surrounding the tubing is temperature controlled, because each plankton strain will thrive in different water temperatures. back to top


How Plankton is GrownHow Plankton is GrownHow Plankton is GrownProprietary "Centrifuge" Technology

Special Proprietary "Centrifuge" Technology is used for removing ocean water from the phytoplankton when plankton harvesting is ready. This method spins off 100% of the excess ocean water. This is a lot like how a washing machine spins when removing water from off your clothes, but hundreds of times faster. Without this process, inorganic salt compounds would be stuck on the plankton, thereby making it unhealthy to eat. After the marine phytoplankton is grown and harvested, it will have the consistency like of thick ketchup paste when taken out of the Centrifuge and prepared for freeze-drying. What you see coming out of the Centrifuge tube is 100% pure single strain marine grown phytoplankton uncontaminated by any pollutant that would normally be found in the seas of the ocean. The purity and quality of our marine phytoplankton is unmatched by any other plankton growing facility, hands down! back to top


How Plankton is GrownFreeze-Dried to Preserve Quality
Freeze-Drying is the best way to preserve phytoplankton quality. Nutrients are locked in completely dried marine phytoplankton cells and are stable for years in this state. By adding just a little bit of water to the freeze-dried plankton, you can now use this for multiple health benefits. back to top


How Plankton is GrownHow Plankton is GrownHow Plankton is GrownHow Plankton is GrownHuman Nutrition

Many take our plankton as a health supplement, but because our Marine Phytoplankton 5000 is so nutritionally rich, and is by all means a "whole food", many of our customers are now using our plankton as a food condiment. Adding just a dash of plankton to many different food dishes can increase your nutritional benefits greatly. With over 10,000 SOD units in just 1/4 teaspoon, you can turn a dinner dish, salad or smoothie into a high-antioxidant power punch! And now many woman are claiming facial benefits by using plankton as a homemade face-mask. After all, superoxide dismutase is #1 recommended in fighting wrinkles and anti-aging!


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